Anxiety – Top 7 Ways to deal with Anxiety Disorder

So lets talk about Anxiety

Are you Worried ? 

DO NOT lose Sleep anymore and Do not worry !!

GAD or General Anxiety Disorder is severely common among today’s youth. It is very common to observe GAD as 3% of the youth of the already is suffering from it and 9% more may suffer through it according to a survey.

Research has identified various core issues in the development and maintenance of GAD. Say for example people can’t cope with the thought of uncertainty of future. Some, even “fear about worry”, they believe worrying is dangerous for them inherently. There are more chances that female develop anxiety issue more than males.

How to Help Someone Struggling With Anxiety, According to Medical ...Some even carry the issue of anxiety attacks which come and go with time, and some may be under regular stress. If your worries are extremely uncontrollable, ill-suitable and irrational and you think about your thinking for you worries day and night, this is for you buddy !

How do Judge whether you have the disorder ?

Signs of Anxiety Disorder :

  • Over-planning of simple stuff by making excessively long lists
  • The Reality of Anxiety - YAM MAGAZINETrying to compete with others all the time
  • Having restlessness and feeling on the edge every time
  • High Risk Taking Capacity
  • Talking to others to seek reassurance on even the basic of tasks
  • Being irritable and having problems in concentrating
  • Full of emotions one time and down on them the next moment or Mood Swings
  • Arrogance in behavior and trying to hurt others

Wondering why these signs match up so correctly with some of you ?

Anxiety or being anxious in certain needy situations is significantly important at times to give us the sense to flee or fight a threat if in a situation.

If people do not learn to cope or get over with these minor issues of anxiousness, they are stuck up in the loop and suffer from GDP at last.

Persistent and persuasive worrying causes GDP to grow at a very faster rate. OCD people to be very aware as to where they are fighting to keep everything nice, clean, and sorted; their mind is in a constant state to worry about the things which shall always be left uncleared.

Causes of anxiety can range from anything to anything but the major one remains to worry a lot and loose temperament easily. Our youth should understand that these emotional rushes are temporary and with due course of time, they vanish.

 Now you should really know how to deal with Anxiety !

  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Here patients learn to manage anxiety and control their worry-full thoughts by taking responsibility for their worries and of their changing thoughts and temperament.

It Uses muscle relaxation techniques to roast away the physical tension in the body and also promotes meditation to keep the mind in a healthy state and encourage positive thoughts.

  •  Medication

 Antidepressants, have been shown to reduce worry and associated physical symptoms in people with GAD, but it appears that the improvements only last as treat-anxiety.jpglong as the medications are taken.

Benzodiazepines such as Valium provide temporary relief from symptoms, but are addictive , also These drugs are not prescribed for long-term use. Your doctor will be able to provide more information on medication, but used alone this treatment option will not be as good as when combined with CBT.

Training Strategies for reducing stress

  • Plan small mind distracting activities which can uplift your mood
  • Exercising or gym training releases counter anxiety and stress lowering chemicals in the body which works off ‘nervous energy’.
  • People with GAD should always keep challenging their belief system and add on more realistic belief. They should not think that they are a failure or its their fault at any cost to grow out of this anxiety disorder.

Confronting your fears gradually should help power you, if you want to try these steps out:         

1. Not checking the phone for one hour

2. Showing up late to a meeting

3. Grocery shopping without a list

4. Organizing a birthday party

5. Accepting an invite without looking at your calendar first

6. Leaving your mobile at home for the day

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