Coronavirus Vaccine: Will we ever really have one?

How many days have you been stuck at your place due to the global lockdown? Did you ever even imagine that one day the forever dominating species of ‘Humans’ would be caged this way, waiting for researchers to give some good news?  Originating from China, Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading across masses with no concrete […]

How to help someone deal with depression?

Human beings have strong emotions, we get happy over little things. We get excited at minute things like spending time with our loved ones, eating our favorite dish, watching sunrise/sunset, spending time with animals, and the list goes on. We feel emotions immensely, and just like happiness, we also feel fear, sadness, and anxiety deeply. […]

Split – Movie Review

‘Split’ movie is a psychological thriller, based on a person with a split personality disorder. The movie follows him as Dennis, or should I say, Kevin? Or Dennis? Well, whichever personality took over his body right now, kidnaps three teenagers as they’re returning from a birthday party, and keeps them captive. As he takes them […]

Schizophrenia: A serious mental disorder

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that leads to hallucinations, delusions, difficulty in speech, and interpretation of reality. So it affects the daily activities of the person in ways that are hard to control.  Although It requires lifelong treatment. Likewise, this majorly affects the way a person acts and thinks.  While there are about one million […]

When is your friendship getting toxic?

As life goes on, we meet people. We might not get along with all of them. But we become friends with few people, and as time goes on, the friendship deepens. But what if this friendship is not healthy? What if that person does not hold the best intentions for you? Friendship is one of […]


Whenever you think of your self-development, your knowledge may be half about it. Because you don’t know what self-harm is, and if you don’t have the understanding about what self-harm is. Therefore, you can do things which really weaken you without even realizing. They undermine you. So, it is very important for you to be […]


Are you sure that you know the right meaning of Self-esteem? Maybe not, because whenever you think of the term self-esteem and how to boost up . And the negative thoughts regarding being suspicious about your powers comes to your intellect and fills you with overthinking. And overthinking is never good. So, first, you must […]

How to Deal with Rejections , the Psychological way!

Here’s the thing , How to Deal with Rejections?? , the Psychological way! So Everyone has been Rejected at one point in their Life. Some are Rejected even more number of times. It can be related to a Job that you applied for , from a Group of Friends , From your Loved ones , […]