Coronavirus Vaccine: Will we ever really have one?

How many days have you been stuck at your place due to the global lockdown?
Did you ever even imagine that one day the forever dominating species of ‘Humans’ would be caged this way, waiting for researchers to give some good news? 

Originating from China, Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly spreading across masses with no concrete medication to protect. If the conditions persist, the world will move towards impending doom.

Be with us to know the sheer reality of the research going on and the situations to follow along. 

covid 19

Scientists around the globe have meticulously been working for the discovery of a Coronavirus vaccine. From the U.S. to Oxford to Germany, scientists are working round the clock to find a breakthrough. While experts caution that the process will take time and that it is a gamble if one can be found.

What do you think? Will this terror of COVID-19 ever COME TO AN END?

How does a Coronavaccine or any vaccine actually work?

Can you believe something? VACCINES are ‘actually’ the virus itself, but before you tinge up with the thought of ever giving your child a vaccine, let’s break it to you.

By weakening the isolated sample of a virus to prevent replication makes a vaccine.

These samples are subjected to humans so the immune response can develop antibodies against the virus. This dosage from the Coronavirus vaccine will not be enough to make the individual sick but enough to develop immunity against any further attack from the virus in the future. When such an individual contacts the COVID-19 virus in the future, their body will already have the antibodies to fight.

vaccination in progress for coronavirus
vaccination in progress

Using a “plug and play” approach the new Coronavirus vaccine is developing which is quite new to the scientists and is also less tested.

This approach goes by injecting the vaccine samples in Chimpanzees to check if its body can produce effective immune feedback or simply antibodies for the virus. Its a roulette turning to your side if the antibodies are effective when releasing it.

 The only complication with the COVID-19 is that it mutates after every few fractions of a second. What this means is that after every 50000 patients, the virus mutates into having different and varied properties. The Corona Virus genome in the UK varies greatly from the Corona Virus affecting the south Asian subcontinent.

This complexity drives our scientists crazy as it doesn’t allow one kind of vaccine to be effective for everyone.

Where have we reached so far?

Despite the known fact that under normal circumstances, it takes several years to manifest and get an inoculation available for use.

Researchers promise to provide the vaccine by mid-2021.
Ebola Virus vaccine sets the record to develop in 5 years after the outbreak of Ebola.

Maybe now you can probably guess the authenticity of these promises.

  • It started with creating sustainable antibodies in animals like ferrets and llamas using the weakened samples of the virus’s genetic code.
  • The Australian scientists started the pre-clinical trials on volunteers and are marking time for patient checks.
  • The first human try-outs have begun in Oxford where more than 800 Volunteers and have gathered in courage. They have Astra-Zeneca as an ally to supply more than 100M doses if the vaccine proves to be effective.
  •  The Trump administration has announced “Operation foolproof to have a foolproof vaccination as the year touches end.
  • German pharmaceutical company Biotech and American firm Pfitzer, are working in a congregation and claims to find a vaccine by October 2020.

 Even if the Corona vaccine is created, the challenges won’t be negated!

Multiple countries are creating a potential Coronavirus vaccine but there is a long road to cover before exposing it to people.

  • It has to pass through multiple screenings all over the world to prove if it’s suitable for humans. It would be useless if it caused more complications than the disease.
  • As and when we require a heavy amount of doses, a way-out should be brought by producing the vaccine on a massive scale.
  • Medical experts and regulators across the globe need to approve and people should accept the drug.
surface disinfect for coronavirus
experts disinfecting surfaces

The idea of infecting people deliberately in the name of vaccinating seems odd in the first place but is the only way to contain the virus.

To pull people off a deadly virus all the professionals are working day and night and will be the first one to get treatment when the drug is available.

Among different age groups, its efficiency is highly debated.

In older people, the inoculation would be less effective due to a weak immune system.

Hence the biggest question about the mass production and distribution still hangs on us even if we are successful in making the vaccine.

But humanity always finds a way out of all the challenges, survives and grows in harmony.

-Arched Spine(Rana)

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