Earn money – Top 5 Practical Ways To Start Earning

Hey there,So you want to earn money? … Great idea!!!! BUT ..you might be very confused like where to start from right? Well,this will be the final decision for your question..

Exciting isn’t it..So let’s get started J

Wait…watch this!!!

There are many ways from which you can earn money,So I’M gonna brief 10 ways from which one can earn bux..zz………

1).Earn money by BLOGGING

       Well being honest blogging isn’t the easiest way to make money.But ,the great thing is that anyone can do it.

What all you have to do first is to select a niche, and once your done with this you can jump into the next step which is getting a domain. Domain is gonna be the address of your blog. P.S: Choose something which is kinda catchy and short too, Don’t worry you’ll find many names once you browse through the internet .And and you can even sell your mind blowing  domain names . Next thing is a  good host. So hosting is basically a place where you can put all your files ,images..blah..blah.. and once this is also done then you’ll just have to connect both your domain and host and then install WordPress on it.CONFUSED!!!





And once you have some decent amount of traffic, you can signup for Google Adsense and start making money from your blog.

2). Earn Money By FREELANCING

Freelancing is one of the simplest as well as the most robust work you can do online to make money online.And the best thing about freelancing is that you can work for anyone across the globe with mere internet connection.All you have to do is to upload your profile on freelancing sites like Upwork.com or Freelancer.com,Fiverr,99designs,toptal etc. And it’s kinda tough coz there’s hell lot of competition out there and if you want to succeed and serve something unique :-0 .The best part of freelancing is that you are your own boss, and it’s damn flexible.


Well yeah astonishingly you can earn money by just browsing through the web.Sounds cool right!!.This innovative idea  by Qmee.com rewards you for searching in google , Bing ,Amazon and eBay .You just have to install a simple add-on to your browser and when you conduct a search there may be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search. The best thing is there is no minimum amount to cash out.

Secondly, you can also review websites etc and earn money. Introducing UserTesting.com – anew platform that pays people  everyday to review all kinds of websites. Each review takes around 20min and bags out $10 via paypal.


Like everyone of us have a pile of junk out there which we are currently not using..so don’t you think it’s better to cash out money from junk..well if you agree then why don’t you sell your old stuff online and earn.Well, there’s this abother idea where you  can actually buy stuff at lower cost and sell it back at high cost.The most and practical way is to sell it on eCommerce Marketplace.Now! Selling online eCommerce business Marketplace meansyou are selling your product on websites like Amazon,Flipkart, eBay which accept third-party seller.


Well is there an artist inside you..or do you ike to be popular and set the internet on fire..Then hell yeah! making  your talent go viral by posting them on social networking sites like Facebook or even on YouTube would fetch you earn money based on number of thumbs up you get.You can now get profit from making and uploading videos.ayaou will receive a percentage of the aadvertising revenue collected per 1,000 views


Well if you want to make money offline then its very  easy coz we can even earn money by doing babysittind also . so here are some tips to earn money offline

  1. Setup your own shop .
  2. Rent your vacant parking lot
  3. Start tuitions
  4. Do part time jobs.
  5. Train people to use computers ppor sing ior dance or blah..blah..
  6. Funniest ever job is get people married.
  7. Work as a delivery person

Making money online without a degree or certification

1). Proofread articles and essays

2). copyedit for professional writers

3). Make logos for companies

4). Edit videos

5). Social media management

6).Google adwords specialist

7).Content writer

8). Script writer

9). Graphic designer

10). Drop shipping.

Well whatever way it may be start earning money fromthe next moment coz we are now no small do to it.

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