How to Deal with Rejections , the Psychological way!

Here’s the thing , How to Deal with Rejections?? , the Psychological way!

So Everyone has been Rejected at one point in their Life. Some are Rejected even more number of times. It can be related to a Job that you applied for , from a Group of Friends , From your Loved ones , basically anyone. It’s Completely Normal to Get Rejected . Don’t think that its only you. Maybe someone you know must have got the Same job where you have been rejected, but if  you Sit down and think about this and Do Nothing you will be Facing the Same Rejection Again. Struggle , Work harder and Don’t let that Hold you back.

When you let that Rejection Hold you back , it can wreak havoc on all aspects of your personal Life , and will affect you mentally and Physically. According to Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D, a Psychologist and Author of Bouncing back from Bouncing Back from Rejection.:Build the Resilience You Need to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down, , dealing with Rejection in unhealthy ways can not only negatively impact your personal relationships but even can lead to serious problems which have increased these days like anxiety and Depression.

Rejection as a Fuel

Now there is a Point that has to be kept in mind. “Rejection Creates Obsession”

What this means is that when you are Rejected you will have a mental obsession that forces you to think about it more and get you Sad. Understand this thing and Don’t Let it fool you. Take your Rejection as a Thing Pushing you up. When you think about your Rejection , Stop lying Down and thinking about it! Be a Doer . Start doing your work

If you are Going through this First thing you should do is Get your Routine back to Work Life

Spend time with People who love you and take care of you. They Certainly Know how to Cheer you up . Get Healthy Habits , Eat Well , Stay Hydrated , and Please Get enough Sleep. Thinking more about these things and not getting sleep pushes you more down from moving Forward in Life.

Don’t’ Let it Stop you , It’s there to make you Stronger!

Getting Rejected is Inevitable and certainly a part of your life. All the Successful People like J.L Rowling and Oprah Winfrey , Do you think they were not rejected? Read about people Like them whose aim in their Life was not to give up. Develop Skills: Keep yourself as busy as Possible . And Soon you will feel you are better than your Yesterday , this thing Makes you Stronger and help you to deal with your Rejections.

Be your Own Light, Develop love for yourself! Take care of yourself as you would do for your most loved one. This is the most everlasting Love that stays with you Forever. This Saves you from others . Be Kind to Yourself. Don’t get Into Rumination: A process of Dwelling on negative Emotions . Don’t get into it , It won’t help you to deal with Rejections. You are the best person to have a company and you know yourself better than anyone.

A Small Exercise

Try this out! Write on a White paper Whatever you Feel , if you don’t have a friend at that point. Write everything you are feeling . Keep that Paper with you in a cupboard and read it a few days Later and you will Understand Rumination . How it Dwells your Thought Process . Promise yourself once you Understand it , Never Do that , you will know when you will be about to do that once you Understand Yourself. Don’t Ignore Your Feelings. Follow your Passion and When you have Struggle in your Life you become more than a Successful person with tons of Life Lessons which you have Faced. All because you never QUIT.

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