How to help someone deal with depression?

Human beings have strong emotions, we get happy over little things. We get excited at minute things like spending time with our loved ones, eating our favorite dish, watching sunrise/sunset, spending time with animals, and the list goes on. We feel emotions immensely, and just like happiness, we also feel fear, sadness, and anxiety deeply. It’s the same case with depression. People often confuse sadness with depression, but being sad is very different from being depressed. And the worst part about depression is that it does not show, we never know if a person is depressed. Someone who seems cheerful and happy might be depressed, and we might not even know it. How could one person help someone that is dealing with depression? 


Be there for them.

Depression makes people believe that they are alone, at times like these, people often tend to seek emotional support from their loved ones. And it does not take much for someone to make them feel better. Being there for them while they are facing a problem will make them feel a little better. 

Do not try and tell them how they feel.

When a person says that he/she is depressed, we do not tell them how to feel. We cannot simply ask them to be happy, because it is easier said than done. Instead, being there for them, and understanding their situation might make them happy. 

Spend time with them.

When someone is depressed, they might not hang out as much, but that is when we have to try and spend as much as time possible with them. That helps them distract their mind and avoid their thoughts for a while. And having a good time with someone they love might also help them get better.

Listen to them.

When someone is feeling low, all they need is a person that will listen to them and understand their point. They do not also want us to solve their problems, sometimes, being there for them also makes them very happy.

Depression usually takes a toll on a person. Most people even succumb to the situations and give up. But this is when we need to try and help them realize that they matter. We need to remind them of how important their existence is to others. And how they are strong enough to overcome just anything. Having hope and faith will always help a person get back to their normal life. All they have to do is be patient and work for themselves. 

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