In this wast developed, world there are millions of families and thousands of teenagers like you and me. Yeah, I am a teenager too, but I can justify proudly I am a better one. For a reason that I am talking to you today and you are listening to me today makes me a different one that is all. Teenage is a complex state of reality and we all understand cause we are going through it or been there one. But we still have some unanswered queries there to be solved and more things to be questioned. Lives and lifestyles are vivid, they change from place to place, city to city, and family to family too. So today in this article we will talk about different issues we face with parents and how to resolve them. Remember every parent is a great parent and their parenting definitely differs from others. Comparing your parents to someones is not healthy. Parenting rules which parents adopt depends on your behavior, their decisions might or might not be right but they always which you to be the best. Moving ahead and deeper into the topic, 


In a way speaking clearly can be a solution. There is no teenager who just hasn’t have argued with their parent over things. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way we talk and work with our words have to be changed. If they scold you over something, instead of staying quiet and understanding the situation you shout back on them. Which only makes the situation worse here. When you shout back, there is this feeling that says you are a bad child developing in your parent’s mind, cause they are already angry with you. If you didn’t shout back, they will have a little few seconds to think, and a small thought wooshes out saying he obeyed my words, and a kid who obeys parents’ words is definitely the liked one. So stay quiet, give them time to realize they scoldings weren’t right on your part. Instead, show them your actions. When they feel not okay, offer them a cup of tea and then talk out your issue with them. But shouting back is truly not gonna help.


  It’s not every time and every parent is okay with whatever you want to do. Especially in setting up goals and this is the point projecting India. It is not because they think you cant do it, it is just because they think you might have a better future in something else. Of course, they want the best for you so they might deny your envy. Even still then don’t be rude to them. They have fed you and raised you all this way up and made you a person who you have become. Respecting them and their words are important but for that destroying your goals is also not correct. So what do you want to do? All you have to do is time management. Manage your time with your self so that you can manage both your and your parents will. When they see your progress in something, they will be happy and will let you in to your way. But this is a long process, so you may have to wait for a while for them to observe your actions and realise and for them to understand you can be great at something. And be so efficient at managing your time, it is more important than actually doing a single thing. If not you might lose both of them.  



For anything to happen with you and your family its just trust. Trust is the pillar for everything and anything. If you are facing any kind of trouble dealing with your parents, first of all, trust. check and check your self again and again cause you are deciding something against your parents. Your parents have seen much more than what you have known. So for the fact that you are deciding something, trust them for their choice, let your parents know that and tell them what do you wanna do. But don’t loose trust. Trust them and your choice, but rethinking would be wise before you can take any decision. 



After years and years of working, doing heavy jobs, maintaining family time with work time and them managing things between work and home, is a tough job, and they have been doing it for years. They are experienced. So keep that in mind. It’s okay if you want to be open to them but don’t do anything it would hurt them. They have already faced so much. They are facts revolving in their brain more than anything. 

Parents are your companion. No matter what they will take your side. Likewise, you have to take their side too. I understand, cause I have been in trouble with my parents a couple of times too, I mean who wouldn’t have been there but it’s not the point. Its how you deal with them. Smooth talks can learn a lot of things so please talk to them. 

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