Self Awareness necessary for your mental development

What is Self-awareness:

It is an awareness of one’s own identity. Being self-aware can show the originality of your personality.

According to Wikipedia, this should not be confused with one’s consciousness in the sense of qualia which is derived from the Latin neuter plural form (qualia) of the Latin adjective quālis means “what sort of” and being studied under in psychology/philosophy can be described as individual instances of subjective, conscious experiences.

Leading us to understand that, self-awareness should not be mixed with other conscious experience like the tasting of a fruit.

These physical consciousness and self-awareness are distinguished from each other because consciousness is all about being aware of the other external things happening in the environment/surroundings, therefore, self-awareness exists for the cause of knowing the inner self of an individual and to show his/her originality to himself/herself.

In easy words, self-awareness is a precious gift of the creators of human beings to humans. It helps us to know ourselves better in order to correct our inner flaws, like our qualities, what we lack in ourselves, is everything perfect in us? And one always has this awareness inside himself/herself but in different percentages of presence. Someone has all the awareness about them (very rare persons) where someone knows nothing about himself/herself. And self-awareness exists in both negative and positive ways inside us. Sometimes, it aware us about our bad things and then we overthink and do stupid things. But sometimes it leads us to success by showing what’s best in us.

It depends upon the individual how he/she treats his/her flaws and/or qualities.

How to treat your self awareness:

Before treating, you must know how to increase the level of travel of information between you and yourself. Means, how to improve awareness.

It is very simple, just ask yourself questions about you, doesn’t matter good or bad. Just ask!

This will raise a lot of questions to you about you. You can talk to you in a mirror too, the best way of developing one’s personality.

Then, start practice answering those questions in a way which protects you from getting harm physically and/or mentally.

That’s how you start learning how to treat yourself well. Which leads you to your perfect advancement of selecting between right and wrong decisions for yourself, it will enhance your decision making.

Self-awareness aware us about both sides of us. It is up to us which side we want to enhance better. One thing is clear that we cannot repress any side whether good or bad, we can just channelise them in the right direction that those things won’t harm us in our near or distant future. That’s how you learn to treat them by practising and making mistakes again and again unintentionally.


We just learn what self-awareness is. And I hope that you understand the real meaning of it. But it’s not enough here. You have to put these practices in your day-to-day existence.

It is a gift for us that we can be aware of our inner mental environment. And can bring good out of it. But some use this for doing bad stuff but you must learn good from it and begin good initiatives for you and humanity. Because bad things often lead to bad situations.

So, this is self-awareness, I hope you all the readers take good from it.

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