Are you sure that you know the right meaning of Self-esteem? Maybe not, because whenever you think of the term self-esteem and how to boost up . And the negative thoughts regarding being suspicious about your powers comes to your intellect and fills you with overthinking. And overthinking is never good. So, first, you must be aware of what self-esteem actually means.

Many people connect high self-esteem to narcissism and self-love, it is correctly not that. Having low self-esteem is not that a person has stopped loving himself/herself. They are just thoughts of self-worth that is asked by an individual about himself/herself.

Let me try to make you understand what by giving some of its synonyms:-

  • Self-regard
  • Self-integrity
  • Self-worth
  • Self-respect

I now know you are having an idea of that, but that idea is a little blurry.

So, let’s remove the translucency of the idea and clear the main meaning of self-esteem.


It is like a rating an individual has in his/her mind for himself/herself. It is view of how much/less you value yourself for example, “I am blessed or I am not worth existing”. And also the emotional states like fear, anger, love, pride, shame, etc. If we see it is an evaluation of both the positive and negative assumptions for ourselves is self-esteem.

I know that whatever we try harder to think about it but in some way this thinking draws a line of attention to the negative parts rather than the positive ones. And it is natural because it is in human nature to think of the worst before doing something. However, I am not saying that it is bad to think of the wrong or harmful yet it is not that good because it provokes overthinking which is not good.

By the way, do you guys know the word self-esteem’s history? According to Wikipedia, the concept of self-esteem has its origin in the 18th century, first expressed in the writings of David Hume (Scottish enlightenment thinker/philosopher).


However, these are the facts but psychologically, self-esteem is an attractive term because it constructs the predictions of different outcomes about the behavior of a person, his/her relationships with others, satisfaction in relationships, consequences of the opportunities/alternatives, your happiness or sadness, your criminal or lawful senses, etc. And it also gives you both the bracing and demotivating thoughts about your works like “I am a good singer” or “I am very poor in performing any arts” or globally “I am a very bad person” or “I am the best person in the world”.


I know everyone who’s reading this article has one of these emotions every day in their living. And you all get attracted by the other articles or videos which has the heading or thumbnail regarding the improvement of self-esteem like “secrets to boost your self-confidence“, ” #number of tips to gain more self-confidence” or “warning: your self-esteem is very low, boost your confidence by clicking this link”. I know that they sometimes tell you the right things to perform or to commit that can really increase your confidence but, ask yourself have you really done those things they suggest? Maybe, right? Because most of the time you think everyone suggests these things about looking in the mirror every day, talking to yourself every day and thinking optimistic, right? And you think that I know these things, they won’t help, but ask yourself have you ever tried these formulas or even thought why all of them have said the same things about boosting confidence.

Because they really help gain confidence. Those know who tried. And I also suggest the same things to do about improving confidence.


Everyone often thinks about if they are having low self-esteem and doubt themselves which is somewhere actually a good thing. It shows mistakes or if you lack something in you. It provides you with a chance to make yourself better to treat your drawbacks. Which is really a good thing but what is bad is overthinking. This term is hated by me the most and mostly loved at the same time.

So, self-esteem is a mirror you hold before your face. And if you want to look at your pimples and scares, you automatically attract negativity. If you want to look at your eyes and other good looking portions of your face. You will persuade positively and your self-esteem will never fall apart.

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