Split – Movie Review

Split’ movie is a psychological thriller, based on a person with a split personality disorder. The movie follows him as Dennis, or should I say, Kevin? Or Dennis? Well, whichever personality took over his body right now, kidnaps three teenagers as they’re returning from a birthday party, and keeps them captive. As he takes them to a place to keep them captive, consequently the hostages start to realize that he, Dennis as we realize, suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Over time, it’s discovered that currently, 23 personalities are co-existing in his body. For the hostages to get out, they need to figure out his good and kind personalities. And when they do, they try to capture information from Hedwig, the nine-year-old innocent kid, while he takes over the body, one of the hostages, Cassey tries to become his friend and grab the information necessary to get out of there. Barry is introduced, who visits Dr. Fletcher now and then.


As the movie continues, the girls try to escape from the locked room, but when Dennis takes over the body and finds out about this just right on time, he locks all of them in unfamiliar rooms, making it hard for them to plan anything against him. And Dr. Fletcher starts to realize it’s Dennis that’s been visiting her since the past few sessions, dressed as Barrey. When Dr. Fletcher tries to find out what Dennis is up to by going to his place, she realizes that he’s kept three teenagers captive. then comes Kevin in the picture, who possesses no memory of the time that his other personalities have taken over him. As Dr. Fletcher tries to help the girls, the 24th personality that his other personalities warned her about – a beast unleashes. The beast is the most vicious and cruel personality of all, don’t you think? Throughout the movie, the question “what’s going to happen next?” keeps popping in the heads of the audience. It is a must-watch movie for all those that enjoy psychological-thrillers. It keeps the audience fully interested until the end.

V Amitha

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