Whenever you think of your self-development, your knowledge may be half about it. Because you don’t know what self-harm is, and if you don’t have the understanding about what self-harm is. Therefore, you can do things which really weaken you without even realizing. They undermine you.

So, it is very important for you to be mindful about not only what things can develop you; but also what things can damage you. Once, you know those things, you can develop yourself faster by not doing anything which can distress you.

Physically, we know the term when someone intentionally harms himself/herself by any reason like anger, rejection, in love, etc. That is another thing because you can clearly see what you are doing like scratching, injuring, cutting, burning, etc. But while doing such things like you know that they are purposeful.


And, self-harm can lead you even to being suicidal. But not everyone who has low self-esteem or stress is suicidal or not everyone with high self-esteem can’t be suicidal. Sometimes those thoughts are surprising and one can’t handle situations in positive way that those situations can be dealt with. Always try to concentrate on such things that I’ve mentioned down here about how to try to achieve high self-esteem.

First, if you are a person of low self-esteem and dealing with challenging circumstances like bad mood, demotivational feelings, emotions of fear or anger for something to be brave and want a triumph over it. You must tell about your experiences, feelings and emotions to your parents or the ones who you love. Because if you don’t, it’s a start of self-harm. Later, if you face any failure with your plan, you must have someone to embrace you to tell you that “It’s okay! There are many more opportunities ahead of you” like your parents or friends.

Many of us think that we won’t tell our close ones about our weaknesses or lack of strength thinking that they will think bad about us. And that’s our second mistake we unintentionally make to harm our own selves by thinking our parents will underestimate us. But, that is wrong, your parents will understand you and they might not take decisions according to your preferences but they surely take decisions about your safety and for your future. So, you must share your weaknesses with them without even thinking about what they will feel.

Third, and one of the biggest mistakes we made unintentionally is to do unauthorized things just by listening to someone. Sometimes these things happen when someone talks so confidently that our poor soul easily believes in what he/she says. And we perform such things like spending money on some commodities that only promises to build our self-confidence without any logic and finally turns out to be a fraud. So, never believe in those persons who make you think that by spending money and taking some products can improve your qualities.


You may never realize that when you yourself harm you without any reasonable purpose. So, make sure that whenever you feel low about something you must share those thoughts with your close ones. And don’t think that they don’t understand you, they will always be at your site to care about you, your safety and your future.

And always remember that don’t believe any other person who tells your only stories and says that some products can build your personality if you buy and use them. Always believe in yourself and do check what harms you before proceeding with the things which embrace you.

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