When is your friendship getting toxic?

As life goes on, we meet people. We might not get along with all of them. But we become friends with few people, and as time goes on, the friendship deepens. But what if this friendship is not healthy? What if that person does not hold the best intentions for you? Friendship is one of the crucial things in a person’s life. Especially among teens, it is hard to understand the intentions of others. During high school and college, we tend to look for good friendship in everybody that we meet. And few friendships do go a long way, but there are times when we fall into a bad company before we even realize it. And sometimes, a friendship that seems to be working well might also turn out to be one of the worst nightmares. So, when do you know that your friendship is getting toxic? 

  • We don’t support your work/art that much.

They do not support your good work, and they might try to change the subject while you are talking about something that concerns you. 

  • We dislike being active in your life. 

They do not wish to be an active part of your life anymore. They only talk about things that concern them and do not pay attention to you as much. 

  • We start to get passive-aggressive with you. 

They might not be the least bit excited when you share a piece of good news with them. We might start to taunt you and make you feel bad for something that is not your fault. 

  • They start to guilt-trip you.

When you try to talk about the change in their behavior, they might try and guilt trip you, making you feel bad for calling their toxic behavior out. 

Friendships play a very important role in everybody’s life. Sometimes toxic friendships lead to major problems like self-esteem issues, stress. Toxic people always have their way of getting things done their way, even if that costs the mental health of their ‘friends’. If you think your friendship with someone is getting toxic, try and run away from them as soon as possible because nothing and nobody is as important as your mental health. 

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