When to know it’s getting toxic for you -Think

Often we come across people who think they own you. Like, they might disrespect you and would not even think it’s their fault and you would end up thinking about it the entire day and end up ruining your mood. 

So, here are 5 points you need to know when to get out of it

  1. Emotional or physical abuse

When you are dealing with something like that you would think it’s normal and keep tolerating it but all I got to say is you shouldn’t hold back. You are highly mistaken that the person is in love with you.

2. Priorities

When you feel like you are giving more and not getting anything back. You should get out of it. What kind of person wouldn’t want to be loved by the person they are sacrificing a lot for.

3. Continuous mental torture

This would mean continuously telling you, you aren’t good enough. Everybody has flaws but hearing loud taunts is not what you might be looking for, right?

4. Cheating and apologizing 

I mean you are having fun there I am sitting here crying for you, give that away you deserve way better right?

5. Fighting every day for the smallest of issues

This only means either you or your partner are finding a reason to fight. This could feel minor but trust me after some time you would give up either him or fighting. This could be either way you could also solve such issues but if you can’t or if you don’t want to anymore. Its time you should get out of it before it’s too late.

All I can say is if your partner can’t deal with you prioritizing yourself say bye-bye.  

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